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October On St. John

I woke up this morning to a clear sunny day and smooth smooth waters. Today was a day for Haulover North. Upon arrival, I was greeted by crystal clear waters and the sunlight dappling on the ocean floor. Not only could I see the beautiful fish: Queen Triggerfish, large Queen Parrotfish, many many Sargent majors, Butterfly fish and Blue tangs, but I could also see their reflections on the ocean floor. Among other new sightings, I saw a Batwing Coral Crab who was spectacular: moving his pinchers together nervously seemingly saying: “who are you and what is your purpose here?”

A 10-foot Nurse Shark glided by, a Spotted Drum, a very baby Turtle and a Scorpion fish.

October brings calm waters, clear skies and an opportunity to visit the Island when there are very few visitors. We have 4 restaurants currently serving in Coral Bay and many more in Cruz Bay. If you come to St. John for the hikes and the reefs, the waterfall is running right now and the reefs are magnificent. I would give today’s snorkel a 10 out of 10.

October 31 is the unofficial opening of season here on St. John. Skinny Legs welcomes everyone back with a Halloween ball not to be missed. You can buy costumes here, but if you love this holiday, do bring your costume as there are prizes for best dressed etc. There is always a great band that evening and the wild joy of a new season. My past guests have loved participating in this event because the locals always so welcoming Because everyone is in costume, they become less reserved. Come and be ready for some silly St. John fun!

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