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Find Your Jam in Coral Bay

St John is in high gear with all of the restaurants open and music everywhere! Here is reference guide, organized by day of week, to help you find your jam in Coral Bay over the next few months!

SUNDAYS: Live Steel Pan Music with Lem at the Danforth for Sunday Brunch from 10AM-2PM. The Danforth: (340)626-8740 Lauren Jones Magnie is at Aqua Bistro from 5-8PM. Beautiful vocals and beloved by all. Aqua Bistro: (340)776-5336

MONDAYS:  Channing and Friends are at Skinny Legs from 6-9PM. Channing lights up the room with her music and her sass. Skinny Legs:(340)779-4982 TUESDAYS:  Wayne and Ital play at The Danforth from 6-9PM A combination of Reggae, Calypso and Latin vibes. True local music. The Danforth: (340) 626-8740 WEDNESDAYS:  Bo and Charlie host a Jazz Jam at Rhumb Lines from 5:30-8:30. Don't miss this duo! Rhumb Lines/ Indigo Grill: (340) 776-4433 Chris Carsel plays at The Danforth on Wednesdays from 6-9PM Classic Hits and Spanish Guitar. The Danforth: (340) 626-8740 The Hot Club plays at Skinny's on Wednesdays from 6-9PM. Bring your dancing shoes and come join the fun! Skinny Legs: (340)779-4982 THURSDAYS:  The now famous Open Mic Night is at Miss Lucy's from 5:30-9PM. Don't miss this lineup of great local musicians! Bring your instrument from home and join the fun! Miss Lucy's:(340) 693-5244 FRIDAYS:  Debra D'Lane hosts local singers and songwriters at Oasis from 6-9PM. Debra is new to the Island so come check her out! Oasis:(340)774-1030 Broheem plays at Aqua Bistro on Friday's from 6-9PM. Soulful, rich music. Aqua Bistro:(340)776-5336

Chis and Mo Carsel and Friends are playing at Skinny Legs on Friday from 6-9PM. Skinny Legs: (340)779-4982


Lauren and Bo our much-loved husband and wife musical team are playing at Skinny Legs from 6-9PM.

Skinny Legs: (340)779-4982

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