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The Caribbean is Calling!

Escape to the seclusion and natural beauty of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands where politics stay behind as rest and well-being take the lead. St John is opening for visitors on June 1!

Have you been asked to work remotely? Why not bring your computer and work from here? I promise a beautiful view orchestrated by the sound of nature. When you're ready to take a break dive into our clean waters teeming with life, take a hike through the trees, or relax under the sun on our sandy beaches.  What a wonderful way to escape the stress! We on St. John are doing everything we can to give our guests a safe visit on this wonderful Island.  With many being told to work from home, we invite you to make the most of this opportunity and make our home your home for awhile. A House of Open Arms will give you privacy, seclusion and an 180 degree view of white water sea. The sounds of crashing waves and the views of the sun and moon rising are just some of our natural delights.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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